Before last week, I had never tapered before. I didn’t really know what to do, but I read a lot online. I started running less to give my legs time to recover since I’m running a half next weekend. It’s been a combination of restful and boring; I am much happier when I’m running.


I’m not ravenous. I’m not going from hungry to shark-mode instantly. Usually I can eat anything and everything in sight after a run.

Rested. I don’t feel tired. I never really get that tired, but not running takes a whole level of fatigue away. I’m not sore and I’ve welcomed a sense of lazy. I have never been lazy; I’m always on the go, always doing something.

My FitBit steps have always varied from 10k-20k steps. Lately I’ve been getting around 7k, and it’s okay. I find myself wearing my FitBit way less too. When I have already made up my mind to be sedentary, I see no reason recording how little I’m moving.

Although I’m getting more rest than I’ve gotten in years, not running is boring. I miss being physically spent, but I know I’ll feel plenty spent next weekend sitting in the hot tub of the hotel.

How am I filling the time:

Trying new recipes. I combined a couple meatball recipes last weekend, and made spice/cream cheese cupcakes. YUM. And I have banana bread in the oven right now. 🙂

Being horizontal on the couch. I have more time for Netflix, movies, documentaries, and following the election! Although reading up on these two winners we have to choose from isn’t much to celebrate.

Reading. I’m reading an awesome book right now The Perfect Horse!!! I walked in my local bookstore with the intention of buying Girl on the Train, but they didn’t have it and this caught my eye. If you love horses and/or history, you must read it. The Spanish Riding school of Vienna is stunning. I would love to visit in my lifetime.

A note on books: I still only read real books. I’m not going digital anytime soon! I did major in English, and I love having books around my home.

What I haven’t tapered off of:

Planks (1-3 for 1 min each). Planks are my good friend, and I cannot get away from them. Even if I take the day off, I still do planks. They have helped me the most with my running. I never understood before how much core work helps your form, but it’s key.

Squats with a kettle bell (sets of 10-15). Other free weight exercises. Walking lunges, bicep curls, roman twists.

Stretching. My hips are still painfully tight even without running!! UGH! I am ready for some new hips. I do pigeon pose at least twice a day. My lack of flexibility is an issue, but I’m doing my best to correct it.

Over the last couple months I got back into yoga. I have been going about twice a week, to gentle and vinyasa. Gentle is my favorite but vinyasa gives me a quieter mind. I love fast-paced yoga class because I leave feeling zen. Zen is something to get excited about. It keeps me too busy to think, so I really enjoy that feeling of peace.

One of my yoga teachers asked how things are going now that I’m getting back into yoga. I told her I feel as stiff as 2x4s. I really do, especially in warrior poses. After the half, I plan to be in yoga as much as I can as I return to running. I anticipate a bit of a break after the half.

Questions for you

  • What do you do when you taper?
  • How do you prevent yourself from staying in a lazy state forever?
  • Do you still read paper books?