Last week recap

Could this little guy be more handsome? With his webbed paws, he’s also a good swimmer!

Last week I took a week off running and just strength trained because my ankle was sore. I got this bruise and I have no recollection of how I got it, but it was sore more towards the inside on the tendon.

bruised ankelI went to PT and got a massage, did a workout, and ran a half mile on the treadmill. My PT didn’t say I had to stop running, but I wanted to take a break. This week I worked on strength and I will resume running next week.

In case you need to be convinced a scale means nothing… Over the years I thought weight–and the number on the scale–mattered. I try to eat well and work out and train for the half, and I cannot limit my food intake when I am so hungry. About 7 months ago, I measured my weight and body composition, and I did it again on Tuesday. I had gained weight and lost visceral fat. Now, I really believe that the scale means nothing. Muscle really does weigh more than fat.

At PT I also bought a new band that’s the next level-up and gives tougher resistance. It’s harder but I like the challenge!

Yesterday I was walking and realized my shoes are shot. Even though I had bought new ones a couple weeks ago I wanted to make sure I really used the other ones up before I jumped into my new ones. Does anyone else do that? Well, now I’m confident these ones are done.

I play pokemon as I walk around. It’s a good way to see find out about what’s around you. I have found new things in town that I didn’t see before. It thought I was driving when I was just walking, though.


Anyone else like Muesli? I am always looking for quick, filling breakfasts that don’t require cooking. I’ve been cooking eggs for years but sometimes I don’t feel like whipping out a frying pan. Muesli reminds me of a not-so-sweet granola. I am NOT a fan of oatmeal, and it does contain gluten-free oats, but there is enough variety in the mix (seeds and such) that I don’t feel overwhelmed by oats.

Today I’m going to the lake. Ambitiously, last night I was considering running a mile before heading there. Waking up this morning, I see no point. My muscles feel like they got a workout yesterday, and I’ll be wake surfing today. Inconsistency is key anyways!

What are you up to this Saturday?

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