Feeling like Donald Trump

Sorry I’ve been very out of touch lately!

Last week I went to Truckee. On my way I stopped in Colfax, a little old historic mining town about 45 mins west of Truckee. I love the old style of mining towns. I went to one my favorite mom and pop coffee shops,  Buzz Thru Joe’s. They have really good doughnuts, especially my favorite–maple old fashioned. I didn’t get a doughnut though because I had just ran 4 miles on the treadmill and was craving good food. That’s definitely one of the perks of running. On the days you burn the most calories, your body (usually) only wants nutritious food. I got a full-fat latte and munched on a kind bar. I’m way more likely to go to town on junk food when I’ve taken a rest day. Does in n out count as junk, though?

Driving to Tahoe is so so so easy. I really like it, even though I’m not a fan of driving. It’s beautiful. I was looking forward to getting some altitude training in and running there. The second I hopped out of the car I smelled dry mountain air and trees. It was hot and comforting, and reminded me of why I love coming to the mountains.

My parents used to have a cabin, so I have been enjoying mountains my whole life. I probably prefer snow season, but I love going to a lake and hanging out. I’m not the biggest swimmer but I like hanging around the beach, like a seal.  We rented 3 jet skis, put 2 people on each, and skied around the lake.

We were hoping to go to  Sand Harbor but there was no parking. I’ll have to go again. I really appreciate the cap on the number of people allowed in. There are no walk-ins allowed, so if you can’t get a parking spot in the lot, forget it. We couldn’t go back until 3, but we decided to go to another beach instead. I can appreciate this because I live in a really small town that’s been decimated by crowds and traffic. It’s not so easy to have fun when it takes an hour to drive one mile just to pick up lunch, or when you’re rubbing elbows with strangers on a beach. I fully support capping beaches so everyone has more fun. All you need to do is plan better. “Wake up early and go to sand harbor.”

Long story short, a distant relative refused to behave with manners and style, so I said “forget it.” Gone are the days where I must wait for a ride home with my parents. I was so grateful I had my own car, and left the next morning. I felt like Donald Trump. Sometimes when family sends their people, they don’t send their best. This was especially true last week. I was bummed to be in such an awesome location, full of natural beauty, but it was best that I left. I don’t spend much time with my family, so I was really bummed I couldn’t stay.

The hardest part of leaving the Lake though, was realizing that I missed seeing the bear family that decided to play in the water. This family visited the Lake the day I drove home. I have never a seen a bear in person, and I love black bears. I have always heard they aren’t as ferocious as brown or grizzlies.

I have twelve weeks until my half and I’m enjoying training very much! Over the next 8 weeks I need to get to running up to 10 miles. I am getting much stronger and I know I can do it!

Workouts last week:

Sunday: Strength workout

Monday: ran 5 miles

Tuesday: off, just walking

Wednesday: Ran 4 miles on a treadmill at 1% incline

Thursday: walked to downtown Truckee (mostly downhill, but it counts). At 8,000 feet above sea level walking a couple miles definitely counts! I don’t know how I didn’t feel the altitude at first, but the next morning I was a little winded. Does the altitude affect you?

Friday: Lots of core work and squats. Planks are helping me get stronger.

Saturday: Ran 4.5 miles. When I finished my run yesterday in town on Saturday the Dammit run was going on. I stopped for awhile to watch the runners! This is a really challenging up and downhill run and I don’t have an interest in running it, but it was fun to watch everyone.

Sunday: Rest. Keeping the Sabbath the Sabbath.

I got a great deal on a new pair of Pure Flows at Nordstrom Rack online for $52, including shipping and tax. This was a reminder to me to check that site more! I really like this model and would like to stick with it as I train for my half.

Who’s watching the Olympics?

I have watched beach volleyball, gymnastics, biking, swimming. I really like learning about the athletes. Of course, I’m most excited about watching Beezie Madden ride.

I had no idea that local shanty towns were decimated for the games though, and that’s upsetting. I feel really terrible for the locals.


  1. Wow I didn’t realize that equestrian events will be held at this Olympics! I mean I thought they would but I haven’t read anything. Too bad about that distant relative ruining everyone’s vacation. There’s an old saying, friends are the family you get to choose!! Although sometimes even my own mom says things that hurt my feelings. But I realize she’s only human and must be having a bad day! Glad you got to Truckee!

    • Emma

      August 9, 2016 at 5:49 pm

      HI Claire, Yeah everyone has bad days. That’s good you can remember that. Sometimes it seems that the elite athletes–horses–are not mentioned nearly enough! Hard to believe!!

  2. Oh and I love watching the Olympics. Especially when our hard working Americans beat the cheating, doping Russians!! I have never heard so many boo’s! At the Okympics before!!

  3. Oh and I love watching the Olympics. Especially when our hard working Americans beat the cheating, doping Russians!! I have never heard so many boo’s! At the Olympics before!!

  4. I’m sorry your trip was cut short by an unclassy relative. I’m sad I can’t make it out to Big Sur this year due to the fires, I love nature and I think people would be happier and less crazy if they spent more time in the elements!
    I LOVE the Olympics! They put me in such a good mood watching fabulous athletes push themselves. I always feel badly for the losers but I think they are lucky to dedicate their lives to something they love. Sure beats office work 😛 I can’t wait for all the track events–especially Allyson Felix’s events– and I also love watching gymnastics and tennis too 🙂 I can basically watch any sport though.
    Donald Trump….lol

    • Emma

      August 9, 2016 at 8:32 pm

      hi Faith! Thanks, it was a tough week. I definitely agree that people would be happier if they spent time outside. “Get out of the gym and into the sunshine.” Yeah even the losers spend 8 hours a day vertical training, sure beats being horizontal and lazy! I’m excited to watch track too, and the marathon!

  5. That’s so frustrating that a rude relative caused you to have to leave early – but I would have been right there with you. The older I get the less I am willing to tolerate or shake off bad behavior.

    I LOVE the Olympics too, especially the summer Olympics. I really don’t think there is a sport that I won’t watch! I love the volleyball games and of course the running! Gymnastics are insane to watch too. What amazing upper body and core strength the gymnasts have!

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