How many rest days do you take each week?

I ran some speedy miles today. Didn’t see that one coming!


I ran 4 miles total, and had to take some breaks due to downhills or uneven roads. My knee is doing a lot better, but I don’t want to push it, which is why I skipped my long run this week.

My plan is to go back to my long run one week from today. I really need to be careful, and cannot push myself too hard. I am doing a half marathon in November and want to be strong and feel good. It’s best that I scale my miles back when I feel an issue with my knee and focus on strength and recovery.

About 3 miles in I remembered something from pure barre. I need to remember to tuck my tail bone a bit. I didn’t realize how much I arched my back, which led to a disengaged my core. Being strung out doesn’t make for good running.

After looking at my improved times, I can tell rest is working well for me. Yesterday I rested completely, besides stretching my hips.When I got home I did some kettle bell squats.

Take-aways from this week:

I need more rest days. A LOT. It felt so good to not run after a weight day. Yesterday I was very sedentary and my legs felt great today.

How many rest days do you take per week?


  1. Hi Emma, this week I took 7 feet days as I’m suffering from a head cold. Normally I would take 2. Hope that helps! Janine

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