It’s sort of a fantasy of mine to be a ballerina. This was me on Halloween.


Lizzie was a character from Game of Thrones. I don’t watch the show so I don’t know who. 🙂

I could have been a ballerina. I have narrow hips, high arches, and broad shoulders, but I took up riding instead. It’s not that different. Riding is graceful too.


I had contemplated taking a Pure Barre class for a few months. Ballerinas are incredibly strong. Each time I thought about it I figured I already do strength workouts, why try something like this?

Two days ago I was too sore in the knee to run and thought I should mix it up. I found some barre style workouts on youtube and tried them out. It was very different than what I’m used to. I signed up for a class yesterday and went last night.

I was a little nervous and didn’t know what the class would be like. Would I be able to keep up?  Well, all my questions went away once I arrived. The teacher was super helpful. She adjusted me a lot.

The class was a segmented hour, and begins with strengthening muscles and then stretching them. We started off strengthening arms and shoulders, then moved to the barre for legs/glutes, and back to the floor for the core work. It went pretty fast.

I am always looking for ways to strengthen my hips and glutes because muscle weakness contributes to my knee issue. While doing isometric exercises my stabilizing leg was shaking, like when you do ab workouts and you get the side obliques “earthquake muscles” going.

These exercises were so difficult. Most of the time I had to stop and take a break. They were just so hard, with many reps. Each time I heard “30 more seconds” I was already barely unable to hold the pose. I had to take breaks but I tried to hold it for as long as I could. The barre is there to support you, which is something I need to learn. Hanging on feeling just didn’t feel natural to me, but it does make it easier to let the barre take some of your weight.

Will I go back?

Absolutely. I have read online that a lot of runners use barre for strength training, and I can see why now. Focusing on such small movements forced me to use the correct muscles. This is an issue for me. For example, I’m quad-dominant. When running my legs prefer to carry me a long, versus my butt and hip muscles. It’s better if you can get your glutes to absorb most of the shock instead. After a few miles of running quad-dominant, my legs will tire and my knee will hurt. And, I love any workout you do barefoot! For this class you just wear grippy socks.

How did I feel afterwards?

Blissful. Fatigued, but not spent. Tired, yet in such a good, clear mood. Sometimes after a run I’m practically in an alternate dimension. This workout was hard but it gave me a different feeling of exhaustion than what I feel after cardio.

My legs felt so limber afterwards. Any stiffness in my knee and hips disappeared. I felt so agile, which is not common for me.  For the help with flexibility alone, it was worth it to attend this class, and it was so much fun trying something new. I was in such an elevated mood. I cannot wait to go back!

Next day thoughts

Well, I’m not as sore as I imagined. I’m not as sore as I have been from lifting weights with my PT. I slept like a baby and feel good today. I will probably go for a long walk or hike today to stretch out my muscles.

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever done ballet?
  • Have you tried barre? Do you like it?