Last week I did my long run (6 miles) in Santa Cruz again. I just prefer to run alongside surfers, dogs, and in cool weather. I’m building up 5% a week in preparation for my half marathon and right now I’m at 6 miles.

It’s so beautiful over here, and much cooler than where I live. I was planning to run very early, but I happened to wake up 11 mins before my alarm went off and I was like “no, no, not happening.” So I turned my alarm off and I slept until 8. I definitely cannot run in my town at that hour due to heat.

I made nutty oats for breakfast, and then drove over the hill and ran 6 miles alongside the ocean around a 9:30-10 min pace. I am not worrying about timing my long run each week, I’m just working on building mileage. I have transitioned to running in shoes with a lower offset for all runs and it seems like it’s making me run slower. But Mark Sisson says you gotta slow down to get faster. I sure hope that’s true for me. Wearing the shoes with a lower offset has made running a lot harder. I want to start running faster but need to keep speed work for my shorter runs. My weekly long run once a week is just to build endurance.

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It was a lovely 57 degrees during my run. Sounds cool, but I still got super sweaty! I wanted to stay and have lunch but I was way too sweaty to be comfortable. I had to get home and shower. After my run I got in the car, and instantly felt dizzy. Unfortunately, this has now happened twice. The second I sit after running I am dizzy. Luckily I had some candy in the car, so I went to town on it. Starbucks sells this lemon and raspberry flavored candy that are like Starbust. It got my blood sugar up quickly and I felt okay within a few minutes.

After a shower I went out and got lunch and drank a tangerine wheat beer from the Lost Coast. This beer helped me recover from my long run. I hadn’t ran 6 miles in a long, long time.


My friend suggested I eat Swedish Fish while running. During her ten mile runs she starts eating a fish each mile.I am thinking I may need to start eating more carbs before running.

  • Have you ever been dizzy after running?
  • How do you prevent dizziness?