Recovery after running barefoot

My calves are sore.. sore sore sore, and rock hard. I walked three miles today to loosen them up and stretch. When I got home I did my stretches and have been moving slowly. I can definitely feel the effects of running barefoot, but I will still do this again in a week.

How I stretch my calves

Before I head out the door I stretch my hip flexors, but I don’t stretch much cold. After about 2 miles of walking today I let my heel hang over the curb on the sidewalk, and held it for 30 seconds. I did this twice. After walking another mile, I did this again. This helps quite a bit.

When I got home I got into downward facing dog and “walked the dog,” trying to push one heel to the floor at a time. Down dog really helps me lengthen my legs.

This article was pretty helpful. I definitely think running barefoot was harder than the exercises suggested.

I haven’t foam rolled yet, but I might consider doing that too. Foam rolling can hurt so much I like to avoid it!

As long as I’m mobile tomorrow, and my calves have recovered, I will go for a walk to loosen up and then do my strength routine:

  • 3 planks for 1 min each
  • Squats, single-legged squats with 10 lbs,
  • Single-legged squats with a band
  • Sideways squats with a band
  • Lunges with 5 lbs
  • Warrior 3, 3 on each side

I hope I am limber enough to run Wednesday!


I’m getting a lot stronger. My muscles are absorbing shock. I know this because in the past my muscles were NEVER sore from running, but I would wake up with a sore knee. I always had joint pain, but never a sore muscle. Now, I have zero joint pain, and cramped up muscles. I’m glad I finally got my muscles working for me!


  1. Thanks for including your strengthening routine. I love seeing exactly what bloggers do for their workouts. Where is your band from?

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