Brooks Ghost 9 Review

Brooks sent me a pair of Ghost 9 to try out and review!

brooks ghost 9

This is a cushioned, neutral shoe. For the past six months I have been running in Nike Pegasus or Brooks Pure Cadence.

I have now run 5 times in the ghost 9, and I can tell you I am impressed. I don’t like running shoes feel like you have high heels on, and this shoe instead feels very padded all over, instead of just beneath the heel. These shoes are very comfortable, highly padded yet light and responsive, and provide good traction. I run all my runs on the trail near my home, and part of it is paved, but I often run in the dirt when it’s available. The shoes stuck nicely to both surfaces.

I don’t know the drop of these shoes, but the significant amount of cushion under the ball of the foot makes me feel very balanced while running. The extra padding did not interfere with my running gait and I felt like landing on my mid-foot was even easier.

Another cool thing about these shoes is that they have just the right amount of arch support. There are perfectly balanced–I don’t feel like there is a breeze beneath my arch, and my foot can still function normally. I usually put Superfeet greens in all my running shoes, but I wasn’t tempted to put them in these.

During my first two runs the part of the shoe near the laces felt stiff and rubbed a bit, but that went away after 2 runs and they broke in nicely.

Twice I found myself running a few miles longer than I planned. I am going to keep running in these all the time, and keep my pure cadences for sprinting and walking.

  • What shoes are you running in?
  • Do you prefer cushioned shoes or minimal shoes?


  1. Right on Emma, free shoes? I am going to give these a try. I usually buy Nike Vomero’s, but they wear out so quickly under the ball of my feet and on the outside of the shoe. I could use a pair like this. Thanks for the recommendation!!

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