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Do breaks count?

This morning I went to the farmer’s market and got huevos rancheros, which is my all time favorite breakfast. The eggs were cooked perfectly with the right amount of oil. I would take hotter salsa next time though. They eat a lot of beans in Born to Run, so maybe I should make this a more regular meal. 🙂


Then I ordered a Fitbit and went to walmart to pick it up. It wasn’t ready so I had to leave.

Then I decided to go running. I was debating going running or hiking. It was a tough decision.  I love hiking and walking, and I know I will be pain-free if I walk, no matter how far. But I have a 10k coming up so I thought I should practice running. It was a pretty good run. My quads were really tired after the first mile but my lungs were feeling strong. After about 2.5 miles I had some knee pain but I am thinking it was due to my form. It came and went throughout the last half mile.

I ran about 3.13 at a slow pace. I used map my run only so that I could see how far I went. After the run I felt awesome. I only took breaks to drink water, but breaks count. I am trying to take fewer breaks though because stopping a lot will not get me to my half marathon goal faster. I am trying to build up my strength and endurance and keep running!

I was slow, but no me importa!

slow run

After my run I got my fitbit flex. It was cheaper at walmart. Second time’s a charm when picking up this device.

I’m already really active but it will be cool to see how many miles I really walk in a day!

Finished off the night with a winter lager by Sam Adams. I wonder if I can still buy more. I am starting to think I may have missed my last chance this year. Then I had a delicious ramen at halu. I had a tan tan men with tofu. YUM.


Questions for you:

Do you take breaks when you run?

Do breaks count? I tried to only take breaks for water.

Caring less about mile times

After I woke up today and got moving I was motivated to work out! It’s funny how stiff and sore I felt this morning, and sedentary.. but once I got moving and had a healthy breakfast I felt great!

I picked up a veggie scramble crepe at Sweet Pea’s, did some laundry and chores, changed, and went for my hike. It was 64 degrees and very warm. It always feels like it’s about 80+ degrees here because there is very little wind and a lot of direct sunlight.

There are some pretty steep hills. This trail is hardly a leisurely stroll. I hiked to this reservoir where my friend had her half marathon. Unfortunately with the California drought there isn’t much water in the dam.


While on my walk I called my friend Elle. We talked almost the entire time, which made the miles go by so quickly. I walked 5.5 miles in 1 hour 35 mins. I love being an active person.

I told Elle my plans for the half marathon in November and she wants to do it with me. I’m so glad I will have my friend there. I didn’t want to accomplish my first half marathon all by myself. It just wouldn’t be as much fun without my friend. Elle is very active too. She went out walking and ran home today. How fun!

Lately I have been caring less and less about my mile times and more about my miles. I’m more interested in continuing to let my knee get stronger and build miles slowly. Running consistently is an accomplishment in of itself and there will be a time to care about speed, later. For now I want to just build miles and run. It was fun looking at my mile times but I think I will be happier when I say “wow I just ran 10 miles!” Woohoo! I will care more about speed when I can build miles, run pain-free, and feel strong and healthy!

I am considering buying a fitbit though.  I don’t want to use it for running, just walking or hiking. Sometimes I go out for such long walks it would be nice to now how far I’m going. Like when Elle and I walked for miles in San Francisco. That would have been the perfect use for a fitbit. I’m always walking around town and I know I walk a ton of miles. I’m thinking a fitbit may be a good option for me.

Do you use a fitbit? Do you like it?

Do you always record your mile times?

Post-PT workout progress

Hi everyone,

It’s been a few days since I graduated from PT. Like I predicted, my muscles were so sore. All the jumping and power exercises kick me off my feet. The next day I was rather immobile, but I took Kevin’s advice and went walking to try to loosen up. I walked about 2 miles total and it felt like it took forever. I don’t know how much it helped but I got a good stretch in after. Yesterday I took the day completely off. I am still sore today but may be able to do something. It just won’t be as fun as it would be with fresh legs. Oh well, I won’t get to my half-marathon goal sitting home knitting.

On my way home from work last night I picked up a new pair of brooks pure cadence 4s. I got them at DSW. DSW has the best prices. This model is on sale now that they have come out with a new model. The 4s were great so I didn’t want to try anything new.

new shoes

I bought a pair of these back in October and have been wearing them all the time–to physical therapy, walking around town, to work, exploring new cities, and they were starting to feel pretty worn. I live in a walkable town so I tend to walk my errands as much as I can, and the miles do add up. I guess I’m trading the running shoes expense for gas.

I don’t really like to run in these shoes too much because I don’t like the traction, but maybe they would work better on a dirt trail or for short, speed workouts. I just LOVE them for everything else and they really do feel like a natural extension of your foot. I prefer to be barefoot, so these shoes are great for me.

I’ll see how I feel after breakfast, maybe I’ll be able to hike up a hill. I’m definitely too sore too run still.

What are your plans today? Have a great Saturday!


Jasper’s birthday

Yesterday was my horse Jasper’s birthday. He would have been 28. It’s always a sad day for me because he died 7 years ago. That was the hardest day and year of my life. I remember my friend Lizzie bringing me frozen yogurt when I was sitting on the couch crying when I got the news.

A few years before we bought him, I met Jasper at a horse show where he was being ridden by his previous owner. I was riding “Strike” in the show. We were chatting between classes. You have a lot of down time at horse shows. The slogan is, “hurry up, and wait.” Fast forward a few years and Jasper is giving my mom a kiss at another show:

and wait

You have a lot of time to kill at horse shows, but you stand around near the arena in case it’s time for your class. You stand in the hot summer sun in your riding gear. Back then I didn’t have a jacket, and I wanted one. I only had a polo and a dress shirt. Funny how much you want to fit in when you’re young. I remember at my first show I didn’t know what people wore and I wore a polo shirt. All the other girls had hunt coats. I still got two ribbons that day, so I guess it didn’t matter too much.

Jasper was a social horse. He liked spending a lot of time hanging out and having his neck pet. He wasn’t really one to enjoy face petting. He much preferred the neck. He had thin skin, like a baby. He despised the curry comb, so I didn’t. I never used a tough brush on him, and I usually brushed his entire body with a soft brush. I had an even softer brush for his face. For a couple shows, he stood perfectly being braided. He was a pretty patient guy and was so charming. He had a sparkle in his eye unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. He was always bright-eyed, with ears forward, curious and excited about the world around him.

bright eye


Jasper was a great-grandson of Three Bars, the most influential Thoroughbred in American Quarter Horse history. Here is a really nice story about Three Bars. Bob Gray wrote in the article, “Yes, he was easy to handle but Three Bars was full of fire. He was one of the nicest horses you’d want to have around. But he didn’t like to be brushed or have his feet trimmed. He’d show a lot of white in his eye. If you didn’t know him, you’d think he was thinking about eating you up.” My horse was so similar. All talk and no action. He was very dominant and obstinate in the barn. Before his halter was on you would see a lot of ears back and attitude. Once you handled him he was lovely. Get the halter on and walk him around, he instantly calmed down. He loved the company, but was always a little testy.

A couple years later he was for lease or for sale. We instantly fell in love with his beauty. He was like black beauty with a perfect white diamond. For my entire life–at that point–I wanted a black horse. I still have a thing for black horses. Black horses always catch my eye. They are so elegant. I still would like another black horse. They will always remind me of Jasper.


When I started riding Jasper he was neglected, only being taken out of barn once a week or so. He was underweight and needed consistent care. He was so bored in the barn and had a lot of energy to burn. He had learned a lot of tricks, like breaking away while being tied up and setting himself free. He certainly kept things interesting. We took a lot of time caring for him. I took a lot of lessons with a lot of trainers, groundwork included. He needed a lot of turnout time too because I liked him to get his bucks out before I would ride.

When my mom would take me to the barn she would start talking to me loudly and he would coming whinning in from his paddock. I always got a big whinny, unless I skipped a day of visiting him. Then I got the cold shoulder, no whinny. He would come over, but would not whinny. That made me feel very special. He also had a clock in his mind. He was so excited for our first summer together and learned that I would come to the barn in the morning. He knew he could eat his breakfast and stick his head out of the barn and wait. He knew I would be there soon. People told us they saw him waiting. Then when school would start up again, he would wait for a few days, until he would realize I wasn’t coming until the afternoon. He would occupy himself during the day and start waiting in the afternoon. I always wanted to go to the barn and spend hours turning him out, riding, grooming, feeding, and walking him around. After our daily ride, often times he would want to go walking after.

One time I went out on a trail ride with another girl at the barn and when we were coming back to the barn, he turned around and wanted to go back out again. He was not lazy and that made it a lot more fun. I knew he was having the time of his life. I had him for 8 years, and I wouldn’t say his energy level changed much at all towards the end. He had some arthritis and needed Adequan shots once a month, but he didn’t slow down. I was shocked when he died at 21 because I thought he was going to live longer. So many horses live to be 30. Well, I know if love could have saved him he wouldn’t have died.

Graduated from physical therapy

Today I was released from physical therapy! My PT Kevin said “I’m turning the tassel at graduation.”  My reaction was, “Woah, I am not sure I will be okay without help!” I have been working with my therapist since September for an ankle injury brought on by runner’s knee. This was my second time working to resolve this issue so I wanted to be sure it would be good and gone. My therapist said once I work on these issues I will be able to run as long as I want.

My recovery consisted of

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Running form changes

My hip flexors were incredibly tight when I started and my form needed a LOT of improvements. My hips were not level, and my knee would fall in.

Kevin took videos throughout my recovery to show me what I needed to fix. I was not aware of these issues.

My hip flexors were so tight and my glutes were weak. Also, I had bought these stability shoes thinking they would support my knee better, but they were throwing me off with pronation control.

About two months or so into therapy check out the change in my movement!


I still have a lot to work on. I have to continue to practice my exercises twice a week, and run 3 days a week. I do a lot of stretching now and try to stay as mobile as I can.

Sometimes when I would go to therapy I wouldn’t want to run, but Kevin told me practicing form is very important for my recovery. He told me running is a skill. “You get fit to run,  you don’t run to get fit.” Although strength and flexibility work helped tremendously, I believe changing my running form helped me the most. When I learned to keep my foot in front of my knee I began running pain-free.

Today I did adduction squats on the reformer, squat jumps with a band around my knees, lunges with 5 pounds in each hand, single-legged squats with a 10 lb weight, walked/ran through the parking lot pulling my PT, squats and ball throwing with a 6 kg ball, and supermans on the bosu ball. I’m a lot stronger than I was before, but these workouts always kick off my feet. I will try to go walking tomorrow to stretch.

I shared my plans with my PT for my half marathon goal of November. He told me I can do it. I am so happy I am able to improve my fitness and run again, and work towards my goal!


Wok blend stir fry

After all the food and beer I consumed in San Diego tonight I craved a veggie-full meal. I went for a quick 3 mile run, stretched, showered and went to the store. My battery was too low to use map my run, but I would guess I ran in the 8-9 minute pace. I still haven’t ran much farther than 3 miles and I have my 10k coming up in a few weeks. I’m feeling confident though!

It feels good to be back in my routine, even though I was very active in San Diego. One day we walked over 7 miles around the city!

Tonight I wanted stir fry instead of a cold salad. I need to eat a variety. I bought a few new ingredients at the store.

Safeway was out of my favorite cold rice noodles that are in the refrigerated section near the tofu.

This was a really easy dinner and cleanup was quick! I love one-pot meals.

I started off making this by heating my wok. A few minutes later I added some sesame oil, and waited a little longer. Then I added a bunch of cubed tofu and listened to it sizzle. That’s how you know your pan is hot enough.

wok blend

I added the entire bag of wok blend lettuce. Veggies cook down to nothing so I knew I could eat that whole bag. I let it stir fry for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. After reading the instructions on the dry rice noodle box I saw that they don’t need to be boiled first. I added them to the pan with the tofu and veggies, added a little chicken stock, and peanut sauce. I also added a teaspoon of chili oil for flavor. I needed a little more liquid so I added more chicken stock. Then I stirred it all up until it appeared fully cooked. I put it on a plate and drizzled it with sriracha. YUM.

These noodles didn’t come out exactly how I was hoping. They were a little too dry. I probably need to use more liquid next time. They are the same type of noodles used in pad thai. Have you ever made pad thai? I’m considering trying it at home.

What types of veggies do you put in a stir fry?

Turmeric juice

Hi everyone,

I am home from San Diego. 🙁 Not too happy to be home but I know I will be back! I had so much fun with the horses yesterday. I also got to visit with my cousin Casey. We went to OB Warehouse for dinner. I had a really good beer: Latitude Blood Orange IPA from Vista, CA. I love San Diego beer, and this is one of the best beers I’ve had in a long time. It was not overwhelmingly hoppy, nor was it too sweet or orangey. It was refreshing and flavorful, and perfectly balanced.

Yesterday before Samantha and me we went to the barn we stopped at a health food store for juice. I have never been one for trends but I figured I’d give it a try. A little over a year ago I was into the green smoothies for a bit but stopped drinking them. I have always been a bedtime snacker and was drinking my green smoothie for my bedtime snack. My recipe included:

Green smoothie recipe:

  • A cup of plain greek yogurt
  • A handful of spinach
  • Orange juice
  • Frozen fruit (optional)

The juice recipe I tried was called Turmeric something…  I can’t recall exactly. It was orange, and the color scared me off initially. But my mind was wrong, and the juice was tasty. Samantha told me this is a reminder to not listen to my mind, since I was wrong about the juice.

The juice consisted of carrot, ginger, turmeric, maybe cucumber too, and lemon? The recipe in this article looks pretty similar to what I ordered.

I have arthritis in my knee so I have considered trying an anti-inflammatory diet. Turmeric is good for arthritis. This was tasty. I am not sure if I felt the health benefits but I did feel like I got some natural energy and I felt good. My knee was happy too.

When I remember, I like to eat ginger and add it to Asian recipes when I’m cooking. It’s great in stir-fry and soup. I love how it makes you sweat after eating it. It feels very healthy and detoxifying.


Do you ever make your own juice?

What juice recipes do you like?

What kind of contraptions would I need in order to make this at home? I may need a bigger kitchen if I acquire more gadgets. 🙂

A day at the barn

Today we woke up and ventured over to a cafe in downtown near the mall then we got juice at a health food store.

Then we went back to the hotel, packed up, went to Samantha’s place, and went to the barn. I was reunited with the love of my life, Max, but he didn’t give me affection right away. He was all ears back and rude. Not interested in loving all over me after all this time had passed. That is why I love Max even more. He is not going to just love anyone. He will assert his opinions. He told me no no no. He has always been testy. The first time I rode him he pretended to lip bite me and jumped away. He just wanted to see what he could get away with. I instantly fell in love with that personality. I like a horse who will try things and keep things interesting. He has a ton of personality.

At first I was trying to love on him, and he was not interested. Max’s playful attitude is the best thing about him.

ears back

After a few more minutes he was interested in acting like the Max I know. “Oh I remember you.” He gave me a ton of kisses on my neck and was so playful.

ears forward

I also visited with my friend Scooby, a former cow horse. Scooby is a cool horse too. I have ridden him on trails before. I love East County San Diego trails. It looks like Mexico, with soft fine dirt sand footing.

Scooby is very serious but has a kind heart. I was holding his head and he wanted to get away and then came back to it he was like “oh hey I liked that a lot. Hold my head again.”





time for my ride

Max was a PMU rescue. Learn more about PMU mares and foals here.

I only rode Max today.


Samantha and I rode around the barn.


Then I took Scooby out for a walk and a cuddle.

Then we fed the horses and I pet the cows.


The only guys I’m making food for these days. 😉

cooking for

After we rode we got to stop at a hole in the wall Mexican place for lunch.

The burritos are huge!

bit burrigot

How was your Monday?



Cafe 222- downtown San Diego

Last night we watched a lifetime movie of course. I cannot get enough of lifetime!

Today we woke up and went to breakfast in downtown San Diego at Cafe 222. It had good reviews and has been on the Food Network so I wanted to try it.

She had oatmeal and fruit and I had eggs and a blueberry cornbread waffle. This was not the best waffle I have ever had. It was a little too savory and polenta cornbready tasting, and not like Armadillo Willy’s cornbread, which is probably more like cake ;).

Then we walked around the mall. Look at this plyarn.. plastic yarn, which is made from recycled plastic bags.


I will keep this in mind for days I sit home and knit.

Then we went to the pool and I didn’t bring a bathing suit so I wore my workout clothes and sunbathed like a lizard. I got some great color already.

We are going to walk down to the ocean later and do some more shopping. I need to get a bathing suit so I can sit in the hot tub later!

Samantha is doing an ab workout while I blog.

samantha ab

I have been really active lately and need rest so I didn’t partake.

How is your Sunday going?


San Diego, my favorite place

Hi everyone,

I am down in San Diego, my favorite place in the world, visiting my friend. Before I went to San Diego for the first time, Mexico was my favorite place. It has everything I love–warm weather, plentiful sunshine , craft beer, horses, Mexican food, and a real good friend–Samantha! featured

We have been friends for about 14 years. I tend to stick to my friends for a long time. I’m really loyal. When I get a friend, I am seeing forever.

Camielle and I went to Mexico two years ago for our 20th anniversary! We need to plan a trip for our 22nd anniversary!


I love San Diego. Look what I saw in Little Italy! This is a great reminder to me.


I love hanging out by the water.


Look at this cute fence in Little Italy. I feel so at home here.


I love the Little Italy sign here! Little Italy is so homey! I would love to live here.

little ador

Ballast Point has a brewery/restaurant now in Little Italy too. We were going to go but I wasn’t craving a beer at the moment. Maybe later.

While waiting for my flight I saw this at the airport. . . lol!


Any suggestions for places to go or things to do would be most appreciated!

I want to go run by the water tomorrow! 🙂

Any suggestions for running routes?



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