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my 3+ mile run!

Hi everyone,

How is your weekend going?

I hope it’s off to a restful start!

This morning I slept in until 7:30! I played on the internet for a bit and then made my pancakes.

I used the krusteaz gluten-free mix, ricotta cheese, blueberries, and fresh lemon zest.

pancake ingredients

First I combined all ingredients the recipe calls for–an egg, a cup of water, and 1/3 cup of milk. I mixed it very gently and added a half a cup of ricotta cheese. Ricotta adds more protein and a savory flavor to sweet pancakes. I love blueberries in pancakes, especially when they get a little melted. I used the zest of one lemon for freshness. Lemon and blueberry is an awesome combo in the morning!

I used my my griddle pan that is a grill on one side, and a flat pan on the other.

pancakes cooking

In just a few minutes they were done. 🙂


I waited about an hour after breakfast to go for my 3 mile run. I wore my new nike shorts. They were great! They stayed put and were very comfortable. It was 52 degrees when I started running and I go by the 20 degree rule. People say when you run it feels 20 degrees warmer. At 52 degrees F and humid, it was definitely shorts weather.

I walked over a half mile to warm up and then turned on map my run and started running. I ran one mile. It was a little buggy today and said I ran a 4 min mile.. Obviously that it is not true. I quit and restarted a new workout.

After restarting the app, I ran a half mile. The only reason I stopped at a half mile is because I would have to run a bit downhill and I don’t want to run downhill with my knee. I walked down the hill and resumed my workout. I ran to the mile mark a took a break. Started running again, took another stretch/walking break, and I was done!

My knee did not hurt today but I definitely needed those walking breaks. My knee gets really stiff and I minute of walking does wonders! I don’t feel any different going from 2 miles to 3, so I think I am good to keep building up.

run today1

Although I couldn’t track the first mile I think I was running at about the same speed. I feel like I’m starting to get my cardio back! I just need to keep getting stronger and I hope the stiffness with my knee will get better.

When I was walking home I saw Lilly again!


She is the color of a dairy cow and has the most darling personality.

me and lilly


When I got home I stuck to my plan to start snacking on good food. I had a banana right after my run. I’ll be able to make this a habit!

How is your day going?

Going running today?

Eating some good meals?

Happy Friday and a gluten-free month

Hi everyone,

After chicken strips and a grilled cheese last night I woke up craving something healthy!

I made a strawberry protein shake for breakfast while I started work bright and early at 6 am. IMG_4356

I have been drinking this shake since May 2015, and now I think I have the recipe down just right. In the magic bullet, I combine a cup of 2% fage yogurt, 2% milk, and strawberry protein powder.  That’s about 40 grams of protein and 300 calories. Not bad.

Today was the second day of the TOI. After work I went home and changed immediately so I could work out. My knee gets pretty stiff if I’m sedentary. Half the time these days I exercise just to be pain-free, not even for fitness. If I sit around I just get so stiff.

I started walking and saw my favorite little neighborhood dog, Lilly. I’m always so happy to see her! Her owner has told me “You’re her most loyal friend.” I walked on the trail and back home for about a 2 mile walk.

walkWalking can sure be boring. It felt like I was out there for hours.

When I got back I did jump squats, walking sideways squatting, planks, tricep pushups,  squats with a 10-pound where you lift the weight overhead, warrior 3, single-legged squats, and stretched a ton. It was so hot. You really feel humidity when you’re working out.

Tomorrow I plan to run 3 miles so I really needed to warm up today!

Then I went home for dinner. spagetti

My mom made spaghetti. Can you tell I like a lot of sauce!? I carbo loaded for my 3 mile run ;).

My blood sugar has been out of whack lately. Before I went home I was crashing bad and picked up some chocolate milk. I am going to try to eat more regularly and start snacking, which I don’t do regularly. I have never been a snacker. Even when I was a child I just preferred three squares. Now that I have gained back all the weight I lost when I was stressed out, I am really going to focus on eating well again, instead of just eating everything in sight.

I am going to start snacking more  on nutritious food to try to fix my blood sugar issue. When I’m hungry I feel like I’m shutting down and I cannot think.

After dinner I stopped at the store to get stuff for breakfast and misc. snacks. Tomorrow I am going to make some gluten-free pancakes with ricotta, lemon, and blueberries.

I haven’t done much gluten-free baking or cooking, but I have experimented with mixes. I have used Pamela’s, and also have used almond flour. This time I bought a gluten -free Krusteaz mix. I want to find out the best mix and then stick with it. My first attempt at gluten-free cookies wasn’t pretty… but they were good!

gluten free

I loved the flavor of these cookies! With all that almond flour, they were much more flavorful than regular cookies. I felt like I could taste the butter and brown sugar. 🙂

My friend Charissa is a fabulous gluten-free baker. She and her husband have their own bakery ‘Zest.’ When I told her about my cookie fiasco she told me I need Xantham gum, a binder. Ok, next time! I’m not afraid to make these cookies again, I just thought I may want to try to fix the flatness. They resembled pancakes more than cookies.

I also bought bananas so I could make banana oat muffins. I want to have healthy snacks within reach at all times!

For a couple months I have experimented with eating fewer grains and when I am consistently eating more fat and fewer carbs I do feel better. I am going to try to stick to this for a month and see how I feel. I still need to read Grain Brain. It’s on my desk.

Ever experiment with eating gluten-free?

Wish me luck on my run tomorrow! I’m so excited!!


No workout today but a lot of good food :)

Hi everyone,

Today I woke up early and got started working and had a content team meeting at 7, then attended a  transfer of information (TOI) for our upcoming release. I didn’t eat breakfast at home because I was in a hurry. I got a breakfast burrito at work. I much prefer to cook at home. My go to meal at home is a fried egg, english muffin, cheddar, and avocado if I have it. My other go to is a strawberry protein shake with 2% yogurt and 2% milk. That keeps me full for awhile.


My burrito was made of eggs, spinach, potatoes, cheese, and tomatoes. YUM. The chef didn’t think I could eat it. I told him, “I can guarantee I eat more than you.”

Alongside it was my favorite hot sauce, cholula.  I like the original flavor.

For lunch I had carrot ginger soup. That’s one of my favorites. I believe in eat well, usually. Ginger is so good for you and so detoxifying! I love soups that have ginger in them and a lot of black pepper.

My favorite is butter nut squash soup. I’ll have to share the recipe sometime!

I was really busy at work all day in the TOI and after work I went home to visit my family. I got dinner with my parents. Comfort food is my favorite. I had chicken strips and a grilled cheese. YUM!!

grilled chese

I couldn’t eat all of it because I was stuffed.

As expected, I was pretty sore today.

I might go for a quick run tomorrow just to stretch my legs, or else do some weights in the morning before work. I definitely want to do these exercises soon, maybe after a quick run tomorrow! I hope my quads have recovered tomorrow!!

Favorite comfort foods?



My workout today

Hi everyone,

Today I went to physical therapy. I was a little sore from running yesterday, but still so happy that I was pain-free yesterday during my run with my coworkers.

My first exercise was a squat with a band tied around my legs, which helps the glutes fire before working out.

Then I did single-legged squats pulling on the weight in one hand, box jumps, walked sideways in a squat, pulled my PT with a band tied around my waist, and squats on the reformer, warrior 3 on a bosu ball, and runners’ on the reformer. I probably did more but it’s always a blur. These workouts always get my heart rate up within a few minutes.

I had already signed up for the Go Green St. Patricks Day 10k a few months ago to keep myself motivated and focused on recovery. For a long, long time I was not confident that I could reach my goal. After my run yesterday and my PT today, I am confident I will!  I now think I can do it!

Over the next 5 weeks I plan to slowly add mileage over the next 5 weeks. This weekend I will do a 3 mile run with one break in the middle. Each weekend I will try to add one mile, with breaks. Now that I got the form down I believe I can run farther!

My legs will probably be sore tomorrow, so tomorrow will probably be a day off or core work.

Any tips on building mileage after injuries?

What’s for dinner tonight? I’m kind of feeling breakfast for dinner.

Although, it looks like a nice night for pho.

Or Damaris’ chili. If only I had more time!! Maybe I’ll make it this weekend.

Tuesday run with coworkers

Hi everyone,

We have quite a few runners at my work. The group has done Ragnar the last few years. We are now meeting every Tuesday for an afternoon run before we take off and head home.

Four of us met after work today. I walked and stretched for 15 minutes before we began running.

It was super hot, about 65 degrees and sunny. Back when I was healthy and injury-free I used to run in the early mornings before work, so I am not used to running in heat.

I started out at a good pace and I didn’t have ANY knee pain! I was so happy! I really worked on my form.

Running form is my number one priority, besides building strength.

Some things I tried to do:

  • Run into the wind, with an open chest, not hunched forward
  • Light steps (sometimes)… I am super heavy on my feet. I’m working on it..
  • Make sure my knee doesn’t collapse inward.. (This is getting easier.. WAY EASIER). Finally! 🙂
  • Push off strong each step!!!

I also look down at my right leg (my stronger leg) and try to see how it’s landing so my left leg can mimic it.

Here is the recap from my run. My second mile was slow because I walked for a few minutes. Strength training has been fun but I have lost my cardio endurance, for now. I had to give my lungs a break.

running tuesday

I got so hot and sweaty and felt so accomplished afterwards! I am so happy I didn’t have knee pain!!!! YAY!!! My quads felt a little tired from my workout yesterday, but I’m starting to feel more like a machine. 🙂

Tomorrow I will see my physical therapist and I’m so excited to give him a good report!

How do you practice running form? Any tips?

Monday workout

Hi everyone,

How was your Monday? I had a long day at work!!!

When I got home I really wanted to get a workout in. I work in an office so most of my day is spent sitting. Tomorrow I’m going running with my colleagues after work so I don’t want to have cold legs for it.

I quickly changed when I got home and got ready for an at-home workout. I started off with some planks and tricep pushups.

I always start with 4 tricep pushups.

Then I did squat jumps, squats walking sideways (back and forth several times), lunges with light weights, a “kettle-bell-style”squat where you bring the weight overhead with 10 pounds, roman twists, a chest exercise where you lay on the ground with your arms out and hold 3 lbs in each hand. Then you bring your hands to meet. I don’t know what it’s called. I also did bicep curls with 3 lbs, and single legged squats holding 10 lbs!

I repeated these exercises 3 times. I got pretty hot and sweaty, even though the workout only took about 20 mins.

You can always find some time for a workout!

Afterwards I stretched a lot. I am a pretty stiff person. I like to do the yoga pose pigeon after a workout when I’m warm because my hip flexors are tight. I could tell my muscles worked because I was a little shaky after!!

Then I took a nice hot shower. I had a beer. sam adams

Winter lager is my favorite Sam Adams. Then I went out for dinner. I conveniently parked right in front of the gelato shop. 🙂

Before going home I stopped for a cappuccino chip gelato and a chocolate hazelnut biscotti. I will bring the biscotti to work with me tomorrow for when I need a pick me up!


My friend and I both use mapmyrun. She got a notification that I was “Queen of the Mountain” on Saturday. I wasn’t running that fast, but hey I’ll take it! 🙂

queen of the moutnain

Mondays are always kind of rough, so I’m thinking they are a great day to strength train instead of run. I like to be as alert as possible for run days. I’m so looking forward to running tomorrow!

How was your day?

Do you have a workout calendar with assigned days for running/strength training? It’s hard for me to follow a schedule, but pretty easy for me to choose one activity a day.


Sunday night- Palo Alto Creamery

Hi everyone!

Tonight I met my friend Lizzie for dinner. I had not seen her since Halloween!!!


We both were excited to try this diner, Palo Alto Creamery.

It was hard to decide what to order because there were so many options!! And so many things we both like. Tonight’s special was Chicken Marsala. They have tons of good things on the menu, breakfast items, sandwiches, American classics, salads, anything you may be craving.

Restaurants that serve breakfast all day have a special place in my heart! My all time favorite meal is huevos rancheros.. but I already had that at the farmers’ market this morning!

So, I decided against breakfast. I love chili, so that was appealing. I ordered a cup of chili, a grilled cheese with American on homemade wheat bread, and a Lagunitas IPA. It also came with a side salad.

I normally don’t like wheat bread, but since it was homemade I figured it could be good. And American cheese is the ultimate comfort food for me.

The chili came out almost immediately. The flavor of the broth was perfect. It had a good amount of sour cream and jack cheese on top. Instead of ground meat it had pieces of steak in it.

lizzie and the chili

A few minutes later the beers arrived. I love hops. I had an IPA and Lizzie had an oatmeal stout. Sounds healthy. 😉

Then our meals came out.our food

Lizzie ordered something I was eyeing– Southern Fried Chicken salad. It had pecans in it. YUM!

My sandwich was GREAT!! I still probably would prefer sourdough bread but the homemade wheat was good. Lizzie said, “all carbs are good carbs.” I agree with her!!!

We cannot wait to go back to this place. I definitely want to try a milkshake, and order breakfast!!!

After dinner we exchanged belated Christmas gifts too!dinneer pic

How was your weekend?

Do you like breakfast for dinner?


Saturday run and workout!

Hi everyone,

Today was a busy day around the house!

After a couple cups of coffee, I made waffles. I made gluten-free waffles using Pamela’s baking mix. I don’t have celiac’s disease but I try to eat less wheat whenever I can. The best waffle I ever had was on my birthday last year at the Paris hotel in Vegas.

Ever since I got a new waffle iron my waffles are getting closer to those. Waffles must be light and crispy.


Then I cleaned my apartment A LOT. I took everything out of my kitchen drawers and got organized.

After cleaning I went running. I taped up my knee, which prevents my knee cap from wiggling too much.knee

I started walking to the trail. It was pretty sunny and in the upper 50s. I recorded my run with mapmyrun but only for the first 2 miles. My knee started aching and I figured I need to see how it goes. I took a break and walked. That always helps. It started to rain quite a bit when I was about a mile or so from home. Rain doesn’t bother me at all except when you have to walk it sucks. I ended up running the last hill on the way home, and probably ran about 3 miles overall.

Map my run said my pace was 8:15.

I got home and did some more exercises.

I did squat jumps, roman twists, tricep pushups, planks, and a few jump squats. I foam rolled a little bit and stretched a lot. And had a chocolate protein shake. protein shake

I took a hot shower. I was a little uncomfortable after running in rain.

My blood sugar was dropping and I felt horrible. I didn’t have much food in the house so I didn’t know what to eat. I ate a kind bar. It was a little late for lunch and I thought I could go to the grocery store and grab something for lunch while getting groceries for dinner.

I felt really awful and I knew I didn’t have enough fuel to go the store. I called up a cafe in town and ordered a crepe to go.

I ordered a veggie scramble crepe. sweet peas

The crepe had eggs, cheese, potatoes, spinach, pico de galo, and sour cream. After eating the crepe I felt completely energized.

I had enough energy to go to the store. I grabbed my list and hopped in the car.

Earlier in the day I had my heart set on clam chowder. I had never made it before but I love learning how to make new meals.

I looked at three different recipes–Ina’s, Dave Lieberman’s, and the Neely’s.  Well I love the Neely’s, so it was an easy choice. I haven’t made too many of their recipes. But from what I have had has been good. And they are so cute.. “pass the sugar, sugar.”

I modified it only slightly. I always read a few recipes before I begin. I added carrots like in Ina’s recipe. And I adjusted the milk. I only had heavy cream, not half and half like the Neely’s recipe called for. I used 1/4 cup of heavy cream and 1 1/4 cup of 2% milk. This combination was perfect! My broth had great flavor and wasn’t too thick, or too thin. Black pepper is the secret here.

I was pretty careful with the amount of salt I used. The clams have some salt and I was really nervous about adding too much. I don’t like bland food but overly salty is gross, and harmful to your health. I tasted it a few times and it turned out perfectly!

I also used more garlic than the recipe called for. The Neely’s recipe says to use red potatoes but I already had Idaho potatoes and I didn’t want to waste them. This recipe is so fresh and flavorful and the fresh chives were such a great pop of flavor.

Also, I added about a pound of shrimp to the soup after it was done cooking. I like a lot of seafood in my soup!


I also roasted brussel sprouts. They are so easy. The hardest part is cutting them up.

After chopping off the ends and cutting them in half, I put them on a baking sheet and added salt and pepper, and  a little olive oil. I baked them at 400 for about a half hour or so. I give them a stir every 10 mins. They get all caramelized in the oven. MMM 🙂

I remembered I still had some Ghiradelli peppermint bark leftover. 🙂

Finishing the night off with one of lifetime’s best shows, ‘My Crazy Ex.’

How was your Saturday?

Do you like brussel sprouts?

What’s your favorite winter soup?


Friday and working on running form

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a nice Friday!

I have finally recovered from a long stressful week and ended the week with a quick workout. Today I started with working at home and got so much work done and started to really relax.

When I got to the office I had a bagel. bagelI’m still trying to eat a lot more after losing weight last week.

At work it was boot day and I wore my black ariat cowboy boots. We had a contest and I won the award for best western!! I won a jamba juice card. I haven’t been in awhile and I’m looking forward to going back!

ariatI am a big cowboy boot fan.

After work I went home to my parents’ house. I got to hang out with my favorite blonde dog for a bit.badger and me

Then we went to dinner at a Mexican place. I had crab enchiladas. They were huge–definitely Emma-sized!!

After sitting all day, I wanted to go for a quick run.

It’s raining here in California, barely. 57 degrees with a slight sprinkle. It’s HOT. Especially for a run. I wasn’t cold at all and was a little too hot almost right away. It felt so good to get on my feet!!! I love being active.ducks unlimited

I love my ducks unlimited hat. It’s a ladies’ hat and fits perfectly! Last year my mom and I met someone who worked at ducks unlimited and he gave us hats. It is my go-to running hat!!

I put on my nike pegasus and walked to downtown.

Since I have been injured for awhile I have experimented with shoes a lot. I went from the Asics Kayano, a brief stint with the nike flex, to brooks pure cadence, and now I’m running in the pegasus. I got a pair for $64 on sale. I feel lighter in the peg, and I’m pretty heavy on my feet (but I’m working on it). I am trying to be lighter on my feet. I’m reading Born to Run and before the first chapter begins there is a line…”the best runner leaves no tracks.” It’s true. Wtih my injury and my running form issue, I would guess I was wearing my shoes out like someone twice my weight. I’m trying to be nice and quiet and make my muscles absorb the impact instead of my knee.

My therapist tells me I need to practice running often to work on my form and cadence. I have the cadence down now and I’m still working on my form. It’s starting to get easier. I’m trying not to be too upright, and really push off each step. My knee gets sore when it doesn’t extend.

Running and squat tip for you runners out there:

When you run do not let your knee extend over your ankle. When you squat and do jump squats and lunges and every other plyometric move, keep your knee above your ankle. This has been an issue for me, and it’s especially hard for me when I do jump squats and box jumps. Try to sit back in your glutes more and make them work. When you jump up on the box try to make the power come from your glutes, not your quads. This is a form issue I am working on!

Okay, back to my evening excursion.

I started to run a bit, but I got a horrible side ache from dinner. I ate A TON. I went back to walking so my stomach wouldn’t explode. Every now and then I would run for a bit and just work on my form. I think I was pretty quiet. I went for about 2.6 miles run/walk. Mostly walking, but hey it’s better than sitting around.

So, I love walking through downtown at night. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights. I feel awesome when I see everyone going out to dinner and I’m in workout clothes working out! It’s fun to be out in about seeing what’s going on, but getting sweaty. It’s also much more lit than neighborhood streets!

How do you practice running form?

Any tips?

A workout that kicked my butt

Yesterday I went to physical therapy. I’m still in recovery from runner’s knee. My workouts include working on speed and plyometrics. I have been working on hip and glute strength for awhile, but now we are also focused on quad strength and speed.

I did box jumps, jump squats, single-legged squats/ throwing a weight ball, squats and lifting 14 pounds overhead, running with my therapist behind me pulling against me with a strap around my waist, running pushing him as he sits on a chair, and squats on the pilates reformer. I also did plank on the reformer. After this workout I am pretty sore, especially my quads.

My therapist said I need to start doing calf raises again until fatigue. He also wanted me to run on the treadmill but I didn’t want to.  :/ I get kind of reluctant to run sometimes because I have been in so much pain.  I’m a little out of shape these days, cardio-wise.  But I also don’t like to run 2 days in a row.

Tomorrow I plan on going for a quick run and doing some core work.

My new plan is to do my plyometrics and run every other day. I need to practice my form, and get my lungs back in shape!

Today I didn’t workout. My coworker brought doughnuts, so that was awesome. I had lost weight last week from stress, so I’m not restricting my eating at all. I want to be healthy and strong!doughnut

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