My Full-Fat Life

By: Emma

Mid-run fueling and my experience with gels

My friend’s sister ran the San Diego RNR marathon with a 7:30 pace, without any high-tech fuel, eating only oranges!! But I have heard from so many runners that gels can help.


When I ran my Radical 80s 5k, the goody bag came with a berry gu. I sure as hell wasn’t going to need it to run only 3 miles, and I had made pancakes for breakfast, so I hung onto it for awhile. A friend told my at the 5k to take a gu before the start of the half marathon. I have also heard from someone else to take it at the 6 mile mark.

3 years ago I almost choked on gu lozenges while walking/running a trail 10k. I ate a couple while running and instantly swallowed them. Back then, I didn’t know what I was doing! It’s amazing what you remember doing back then. I felt like I had instantly swallowed a cough drop and it was in my throat. I was hoping I wouldn’t choke, and it was kind of scary because I was all alone. It turns out trail runners are super elite athletes. They are a very different crowd than a local fun run I was expecting!

I remember wearing a long-sleeved shirt over my tank top for the start of the race. I know now that I overheat within a minute or 2. I know better now.

I thought I would need gu to run 6 miles back then. LOL.

During my half, I plan to stop and take a quick break to take a gu with some water. I have been running and working out a lot, but I know I won’t be running 13 miles without a break. The breaks will be brief but they will happen. I was also thinking of bringing a clif bar. I absolutely love the coconut almond butter filled bars.

I will eat a good breakfast and maybe take a gatorade gel before the race begins, consisting of eggs and toast. I bought Gatorade energy chews one day when I was hoping to buy gu. Safeway doesn’t sell Gu so I figured why not try these.

These are working well for me. So far I am a fan. I haven’t tried them mid-run yet, but I will try them mid-run soon. I’m a pretty big eater. Yesterday I had a big breakfast but I felt like too much time had passed before I went running, so I took 2 gatorade gels. I had plenty of energy to run. Maybe I’ll have a gatorade gel before I start and then have a gu at the half-way point. My plan is to not be hungry or tired, and I would rather start refueling before I feel exhausted.

I first tried gu a few weeks ago just to see if my stomach could handle it. I had a gu after 5 miles and had 5 miles left. I was mostly walking though because it was so hot. The gu didn’t bother my stomach at all, and I went to my local running shop to get more.

I also tried on a pair of Hoka Cliftons. Hokas seem interesting to me because they offer so much cushioning yet have a low offset from heel to toe. I was surprised how narrow they fit, and would need to get a half size up if decide to buy some. I might after the half marathon, but for now I don’t want to change anything.

How do you refuel while running?

Do you stick to gels or eat “real” food?

Why I’m training on a treadmill

I haven’t used a treadmill consistently in  over 11 years. Back in high school I used to run on it and loved it, but once I stopped running after falling off my horse and hurting my knee, I never got back to it. I find it really boring, hot, and unchallenging. I’ve never felt like running on a treadmill can firm up your legs as much as the good old outdoors. The treadmill feels softer than pavement, though.

That’s why I decided to change my ways and use it. I asked my PT about it a few months ago and he told me it won’t create the same metabolic burn. But I’ll tell you why it’s working for me these days.

I live crawling distance to an absolutely beautiful trail. It goes alongside a lake, to a mountain, and to the other nearby town. I think you can run 20 miles on it. But there are a few challenges for me on the trail. Most of it is relatively flat, but there are some down and uphill parts. Uphill doesn’t bother me at all, but I didn’t realize just how much of it was slightly downhill. There is enough downhill to feel like it bothers my knee. I only want to run uphill or on flat ground. I know that when you do a race you can’t pick the terrain, but I just want to build my miles on what feels good. My friend did a half marathon on this hill, and her legs were shredded.

Here are the reasons I decided to switch to running on a treadmill for the remainder of my half training.

Speed & incline

In terms of speed, you can’t beat the “set it and forget it” style of running on a treadmill. You really just pick a speed and go. I like not having to look down at my phone and check how fast I’m going. Sometimes I have felt like I was going fast and looked down to see I wasn’t, and vice versa (well, not too often;).

I set the incline to 1 or 1.5% incline. I was reading somewhere that a slight incline can help make treadmill running more like running outside.

Form: sound & mirrors!

When I run on the treadmill I think of the same things I think of outside, “land soft and quiet, take shorter steps, lift from the ankles, lean slightly forward,” I can go on and on. But on a treadmill it’s so much easier for me to hear my steps. You can hear if you are pounding the treadmill like a zombie, and make yourself run more like a gazelle. This is really beneficial to me as my running form has been my biggest challenge on my journey to my half and solving my runner’s knee. I have always been really heavy on my feet.

I’m not one to stare into the mirror or take selfies, but it is so awesome to look in the mirror and correct your form. Sometimes running upright just comes natural, but if I glance in the mirror I can correct it.



Breaks count, as Regina told me months ago. When I run on the trail and hit a downhill, instead of killing my knees and quads, I take a break. When I need water, I stop at the fountain. Too many things get in my way, and I have a hard time running for x amount of miles STRAIGHT when I have enough roadblocks to cause me to walk. When I run on the treadmill, I have a full water bottle with me, and I’m ready to go. It’s easier to keep going. I like having a water bottle on the treadmill and sipping as I get thirsty, instead of waiting until I see the next fountain. There is a couple mile stretch without fountains on the trail and that’s where it always starts to feel like the Sahara desert!


I do own pepper spray, but I would rather not have to use it. I know there are bad guys anywhere and everywhere, but I feel the gym can be safer than the trail. It’s very hot here still.. Monday will have a high of 97!!! In order to run I need to go early. Early mornings are not the safest time to be out on a trail all by yourself. After the two female runners were killed recently–one in Boston and one in NY–I am trying to be more careful.

I do believe running outside is a better workout, but I do think there’s a time and a place for a treadmill.

Do you use one?

Which do you like better?

7 weeks until my half marathon!

Everyday is one day closer to my half marathon! Lately I’ve been running around a 9:10-9:30 pace.


This is a good pace for me. It doesn’t feel like I’m out of breath or pushing myself too hard, which is good as I’m just trying to build up my endurance to run farther. I’m not sure yet if I want to set a goal other than finishing, but running in 2:15 would be awesome! I will definitely do a  slow warm-up (10 min miles for a mile or 2) and then try for 9 min mile paces after the first mile or 2. It is my dream to run a half in under 2 hours, but this is my first so I will just see how it goes. Races are usually really crowded in the beginning so it will workout nicely to go slow in the beginning. At my 5 mile SJ Giants race last year, my first mile was 11 mins. I had to dodge so many walkers and strollers and little ones running around. I finished in 44 mins, so I must have picked up the pace for the other 4 miles. My goal was 47 mins and I remember my excitement when I looked at my watch and realized I was going to beat my goal. I really didn’t imagine I would! Maybe I’ll surprise myself at my half marathon!

I took a few weeks off running when my ankle was sore, and I’m so glad I did. I have been running consistently again for the past two weeks.  I really had to do a reset. I was getting a little concerned about building miles but I knew that I would be better off taking time off. If any of you have battled injuries you know that running through things never helps them heal. I took some time off running and worked on strength training and running is a lot easier now. My cardio endurance/energy are my best strengths, strange considering I have pretty bad asthma. But I always feel like my lungs can go forever. It’s always been my muscles that needed more help.

The last time I went to PT I bought a new band, “Perform Better!” I got a blue one. It is much harder than green, and I wanted to challenge myself. It’s been fun using it at home and really helps you use your glutes when do kettle bell squats and lateral walking. The first few times I used it felt pretty difficult, but now it feels natural, well more natural. Maybe I’m ready for the black one now?! I highly recommend using these bands. They help you engage your glutes as you do squats and push into the band.

When I started running again, I high-tailed it to dirt hills to run. I didn’t record my miles and I know I didn’t run that many, but running uphill was fun! Running uphill always reminds me to use good form. After I could tell my ankle was strong again, I started running on the trail again.

I got a new pair of Nike Pegasus in black. I hope that I will be wearing these for my half, but they are so comfortable I find myself wearing them everywhere! This must explain why I wear out my running shoes so fast. I often times wear them even when I’m just baking cookies or grabbing a burrito. But hey you can’t beat the comfort, and I would rather walk than drive.

After having knee issues for years, I know that wearing comfortable shoes makes a difference. I don’t want to run for an hour in comfort and then walk around all day all over town in sandals. My knees and feet are much happier in running shoes.

Another thing I have done in preparation for the half is yoga. Incorporating yoga back into my life has made a big difference. Yesterday I went to a gentle yoga class and ran on the treadmill after. It really helped. I felt very limber while limber and for the rest of the day. I also woke up today feeling great, not stiff at all!

Today I went to the gym and jumped onto a step, single-legged squats on a bosu ball, one plank, (it felt like plenty!) and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. I am going to try to attend two yoga classes a week.


Does yoga help your running?

Have you ever had to take time off while getting ready for a race?


Last week recap

Could this little guy be more handsome? With his webbed paws, he’s also a good swimmer!

Last week I took a week off running and just strength trained because my ankle was sore. I got this bruise and I have no recollection of how I got it, but it was sore more towards the inside on the tendon.

bruised ankelI went to PT and got a massage, did a workout, and ran a half mile on the treadmill. My PT didn’t say I had to stop running, but I wanted to take a break. This week I worked on strength and I will resume running next week.

In case you need to be convinced a scale means nothing… Over the years I thought weight–and the number on the scale–mattered. I try to eat well and work out and train for the half, and I cannot limit my food intake when I am so hungry. About 7 months ago, I measured my weight and body composition, and I did it again on Tuesday. I had gained weight and lost visceral fat. Now, I really believe that the scale means nothing. Muscle really does weigh more than fat.

At PT I also bought a new band that’s the next level-up and gives tougher resistance. It’s harder but I like the challenge!

Yesterday I was walking and realized my shoes are shot. Even though I had bought new ones a couple weeks ago I wanted to make sure I really used the other ones up before I jumped into my new ones. Does anyone else do that? Well, now I’m confident these ones are done.

I play pokemon as I walk around. It’s a good way to see find out about what’s around you. I have found new things in town that I didn’t see before. It thought I was driving when I was just walking, though.


Anyone else like Muesli? I am always looking for quick, filling breakfasts that don’t require cooking. I’ve been cooking eggs for years but sometimes I don’t feel like whipping out a frying pan. Muesli reminds me of a not-so-sweet granola. I am NOT a fan of oatmeal, and it does contain gluten-free oats, but there is enough variety in the mix (seeds and such) that I don’t feel overwhelmed by oats.

Today I’m going to the lake. Ambitiously, last night I was considering running a mile before heading there. Waking up this morning, I see no point. My muscles feel like they got a workout yesterday, and I’ll be wake surfing today. Inconsistency is key anyways!

What are you up to this Saturday?

Feeling like Donald Trump

Sorry I’ve been very out of touch lately!

Last week I went to Truckee. On my way I stopped in Colfax, a little old historic mining town about 45 mins west of Truckee. I love the old style of mining towns. I went to one my favorite mom and pop coffee shops,  Buzz Thru Joe’s. They have really good doughnuts, especially my favorite–maple old fashioned. I didn’t get a doughnut though because I had just ran 4 miles on the treadmill and was craving good food. That’s definitely one of the perks of running. On the days you burn the most calories, your body (usually) only wants nutritious food. I got a full-fat latte and munched on a kind bar. I’m way more likely to go to town on junk food when I’ve taken a rest day. Does in n out count as junk, though?

Driving to Tahoe is so so so easy. I really like it, even though I’m not a fan of driving. It’s beautiful. I was looking forward to getting some altitude training in and running there. The second I hopped out of the car I smelled dry mountain air and trees. It was hot and comforting, and reminded me of why I love coming to the mountains.

My parents used to have a cabin, so I have been enjoying mountains my whole life. I probably prefer snow season, but I love going to a lake and hanging out. I’m not the biggest swimmer but I like hanging around the beach, like a seal.  We rented 3 jet skis, put 2 people on each, and skied around the lake.

We were hoping to go to  Sand Harbor but there was no parking. I’ll have to go again. I really appreciate the cap on the number of people allowed in. There are no walk-ins allowed, so if you can’t get a parking spot in the lot, forget it. We couldn’t go back until 3, but we decided to go to another beach instead. I can appreciate this because I live in a really small town that’s been decimated by crowds and traffic. It’s not so easy to have fun when it takes an hour to drive one mile just to pick up lunch, or when you’re rubbing elbows with strangers on a beach. I fully support capping beaches so everyone has more fun. All you need to do is plan better. “Wake up early and go to sand harbor.”

Long story short, a distant relative refused to behave with manners and style, so I said “forget it.” Gone are the days where I must wait for a ride home with my parents. I was so grateful I had my own car, and left the next morning. I felt like Donald Trump. Sometimes when family sends their people, they don’t send their best. This was especially true last week. I was bummed to be in such an awesome location, full of natural beauty, but it was best that I left. I don’t spend much time with my family, so I was really bummed I couldn’t stay.

The hardest part of leaving the Lake though, was realizing that I missed seeing the bear family that decided to play in the water. This family visited the Lake the day I drove home. I have never a seen a bear in person, and I love black bears. I have always heard they aren’t as ferocious as brown or grizzlies.

I have twelve weeks until my half and I’m enjoying training very much! Over the next 8 weeks I need to get to running up to 10 miles. I am getting much stronger and I know I can do it!

Workouts last week:

Sunday: Strength workout

Monday: ran 5 miles

Tuesday: off, just walking

Wednesday: Ran 4 miles on a treadmill at 1% incline

Thursday: walked to downtown Truckee (mostly downhill, but it counts). At 8,000 feet above sea level walking a couple miles definitely counts! I don’t know how I didn’t feel the altitude at first, but the next morning I was a little winded. Does the altitude affect you?

Friday: Lots of core work and squats. Planks are helping me get stronger.

Saturday: Ran 4.5 miles. When I finished my run yesterday in town on Saturday the Dammit run was going on. I stopped for awhile to watch the runners! This is a really challenging up and downhill run and I don’t have an interest in running it, but it was fun to watch everyone.

Sunday: Rest. Keeping the Sabbath the Sabbath.

I got a great deal on a new pair of Pure Flows at Nordstrom Rack online for $52, including shipping and tax. This was a reminder to me to check that site more! I really like this model and would like to stick with it as I train for my half.

Who’s watching the Olympics?

I have watched beach volleyball, gymnastics, biking, swimming. I really like learning about the athletes. Of course, I’m most excited about watching Beezie Madden ride.

I had no idea that local shanty towns were decimated for the games though, and that’s upsetting. I feel really terrible for the locals.

Race recap: Radical 80s 5k


Yesterday I ran the Radical 80s 5k at Hellyer Park in San Jose, CA. I was an infant during this decade (’89). It was extremely hot with a 9:15 start time, but I had a lot of fun.

Pre-race picture!


My friend Danielle went all out with her awesome 80’s outfit!! She also got 1st in her age group in the 5k!

The race swag was awesome, and I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth. The goodie bag had a t shirt, gu, wipes, plant food, a coozie, a bunch of discounts. I also got a reusable shopping bag.

The course was pretty much flat with a few tiny hills. I ran up but I always walk down to make it easier on my knee. I loved that the race wasn’t too crowded. Last year I ran 2 crowded races- Wharf to Wharf (16k runners), and SV Turkey Trot, which I believe had over 25k. It was awesome running with a lot of space around me and I could hear my music without having to turn it up too loud. I listened to the Chainsmokers pandora yesterday.

I was hoping to PR, and beat my record of 26:57. My goal was 26 minutes. I know I can reach that goal, but it wasn’t going to happen yesterday. It was extremely hot and about 75 degrees when the race began. Most of the run was in direct sunlight on a paved trail without a breeze. At the 1.5 mile mark they had a water station and I had to stop for a couple minutes before finishing the race. I drenched myself in water, and drank a lot before continuing to run. Had I not, I probably would have gotten sick. I know breaks count, but you have to be smart in extreme heat.

After drinking a bunch of water I felt revived, and had a strong finish. I was much faster on the way back. After 3 miles I feel like I’m finally warming up.

I finished in 30:29, and felt I did my best yesterday. When I crossed the finish line I needed to stand around for a bit. I never push myself in heat, so this was tough. They had a snow cone truck and pizza at the finish. I cannot eat right after running, but it was really nice to see that in case you’re hungry.


I’m looking forward to doing another race so I can reach my goal of 26 minutes!  I also want to do another 10k soon so I can work up to a goal for that distance. My knee felt great during this run. I’m getting a lot stronger and can tell my hard work and dedication to strength training is paying off.

As I crossed the finish line the announcer said your name and your time. This race had a friendly, local feel.

After the race I checked our times and saw that Danielle and me both placed in our divisions. We went back to the race and the organizers told us they only gave awards to the top 3 finishers, but they gave us beer for a prize.


What an awesome prize! I can’t wait to try it.

Would I do this race again?

Yes, but I hope it’s at 7 am next year! Everything about this race was perfect, except the late start.

14 weeks until my half-marathon! I will keep running strong and working on building my mileage up, but my #1 priority is to continue to work on hip and glute strength.

I experienced typical pre-race high, and last night I was already looking for more upcoming races. It was a lot of fun to be in a race and push myself a bit more! Any race suggestions?

Slower runs and 2 book recommendations

I only ran twice this week, but did several hikes and walks, and went to one barre class.

Earlier this week I ran 5k. This was a very strong run (9:30, 9:27, 8:32). It takes me awhile to warm up, but I start to feel pretty good around 3-4 miles. I love running in Seattle! It’s very humid here, which is a shock coming from dry California, but it is much cooler. It’s been nice not having to get up super early to run.

running trail

Running 9 minute miles is pretty comfortable these days. It’s not too hard on my legs, and my lungs can certainly handle it. Even though I have asthma, I have really good cardio endurance. My lungs can go much farther than my legs. I would like to run my half marathon at a 9 min pace, but my friend has told my only goal should be to finish. I still would like to work towards a time though.

Ever since I started focusing on running strong, running in low drop shoes, and working on my form, I was surprised to see how much slower I became. I was much faster slamming into my joints, forcing them to absorb the impact of running, and running with a heel strike in high drop shoes. Now, for the most part I am running slower, and the strange thing is sometimes I feel really fast. Oh well, I can work on speed later.

Today I ran 6.15 miles around a 10 min pace. I read this post on Janae’s blog about running slow.

Tina wrote, “My marathon race pace is around 6:00 per mile, my recovery runs are about 9:00 per mile.”

I had no idea running slower meant that much slower. My goal each week for my long run is just to build endurance, and I only record my times so that I know how far I am going. I tried to run this run slower and just focus on the distance. It was pretty hard though. I was actually aiming to run this one more at a 12 min pace since my normal is closer to 9 mins, but that doesn’t feel natural. I run at a pretty steady pace, and I’m used to going at around the same speed. I might put myself on a treadmill for the long run each week. It will make controlling the pace a bit easier. Tomorrow I might do a quick run just to stretch my legs, or else I will wait until Monday.

I have read 2 books that I highly recommend you read!

Big Little Lies. Liane Moriarty. I got attached to this one, and plowed through it in 3 days. I’m a very fast reader. I do believe that anyone could like this book. The characters are so likable, and the small world twist is just unreal.

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. I had just finished reading Big Little Lies when I started this one, and I didn’t like it very much at first. I don’t feel that the description on the back gives it justice, either. I can’t give the details away, but this is one you’ve gotta read. I recommend it to all my friends, especially those who had a hard time in school.

Both of these books would make excellent gifts.

Yesterday I started watching Blue on Lifetime. Julia Stiles plays “Blue,” a single mother who is working as a prostitute to earn extra money. If you like lifetime, you will love it.

Questions for you:

  • What’s new in your life?
  • Have you read any good books lately? I need another.
  • How much slower do you run your slow runs?


How many rest days do you take each week?

I ran some speedy miles today. Didn’t see that one coming!


I ran 4 miles total, and had to take some breaks due to downhills or uneven roads. My knee is doing a lot better, but I don’t want to push it, which is why I skipped my long run this week.

My plan is to go back to my long run one week from today. I really need to be careful, and cannot push myself too hard. I am doing a half marathon in November and want to be strong and feel good. It’s best that I scale my miles back when I feel an issue with my knee and focus on strength and recovery.

About 3 miles in I remembered something from pure barre. I need to remember to tuck my tail bone a bit. I didn’t realize how much I arched my back, which led to a disengaged my core. Being strung out doesn’t make for good running.

After looking at my improved times, I can tell rest is working well for me. Yesterday I rested completely, besides stretching my hips.When I got home I did some kettle bell squats.

Take-aways from this week:

I need more rest days. A LOT. It felt so good to not run after a weight day. Yesterday I was very sedentary and my legs felt great today.

How many rest days do you take per week?

Pure Barre Review

It’s sort of a fantasy of mine to be a ballerina. This was me on Halloween.


Lizzie was a character from Game of Thrones. I don’t watch the show so I don’t know who. 🙂

I could have been a ballerina. I have narrow hips, high arches, and broad shoulders, but I took up riding instead. It’s not that different. Riding is graceful too.


I had contemplated taking a Pure Barre class for a few months. Ballerinas are incredibly strong. Each time I thought about it I figured I already do strength workouts, why try something like this?

Two days ago I was too sore in the knee to run and thought I should mix it up. I found some barre style workouts on youtube and tried them out. It was very different than what I’m used to. I signed up for a class yesterday and went last night.

I was a little nervous and didn’t know what the class would be like. Would I be able to keep up?  Well, all my questions went away once I arrived. The teacher was super helpful. She adjusted me a lot.

The class was a segmented hour, and begins with strengthening muscles and then stretching them. We started off strengthening arms and shoulders, then moved to the barre for legs/glutes, and back to the floor for the core work. It went pretty fast.

I am always looking for ways to strengthen my hips and glutes because muscle weakness contributes to my knee issue. While doing isometric exercises my stabilizing leg was shaking, like when you do ab workouts and you get the side obliques “earthquake muscles” going.

These exercises were so difficult. Most of the time I had to stop and take a break. They were just so hard, with many reps. Each time I heard “30 more seconds” I was already barely unable to hold the pose. I had to take breaks but I tried to hold it for as long as I could. The barre is there to support you, which is something I need to learn. Hanging on feeling just didn’t feel natural to me, but it does make it easier to let the barre take some of your weight.

Will I go back?

Absolutely. I have read online that a lot of runners use barre for strength training, and I can see why now. Focusing on such small movements forced me to use the correct muscles. This is an issue for me. For example, I’m quad-dominant. When running my legs prefer to carry me a long, versus my butt and hip muscles. It’s better if you can get your glutes to absorb most of the shock instead. After a few miles of running quad-dominant, my legs will tire and my knee will hurt. And, I love any workout you do barefoot! For this class you just wear grippy socks.

How did I feel afterwards?

Blissful. Fatigued, but not spent. Tired, yet in such a good, clear mood. Sometimes after a run I’m practically in an alternate dimension. This workout was hard but it gave me a different feeling of exhaustion than what I feel after cardio.

My legs felt so limber afterwards. Any stiffness in my knee and hips disappeared. I felt so agile, which is not common for me.  For the help with flexibility alone, it was worth it to attend this class, and it was so much fun trying something new. I was in such an elevated mood. I cannot wait to go back!

Next day thoughts

Well, I’m not as sore as I imagined. I’m not as sore as I have been from lifting weights with my PT. I slept like a baby and feel good today. I will probably go for a long walk or hike today to stretch out my muscles.

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever done ballet?
  • Have you tried barre? Do you like it?

4th of July morning run

Happy 4th of July! This is my favorite holiday. If only I had this pair of shoes in red, white and blue!

I went running early this morning. I ran a half mile to warm up, then started recording my time.

My first mile was 9:01, second 8:23, and third 8:27. After recording I ran the rest of the way home but didn’t want to think about time, I just went off feel. My feet were a little tired yesterday so today I ran in my Nike Pegasus with superfeet insoles. They have plenty of support, but I have to make an effort to not land on my heel. I don’t plan to run in these shoes daily, just occasionally. I want to be able to run as fast as I did today in my flatter shoes. I could definitely feel that my calves weren’t working as hard today in the Pegasus. I will do my next run in my Pure Flows.

It was already getting hot but about half of this run was in the shade.

Yesterday one of my readers, Susan, suggested I eat a bagel in the morning before running. I didn’t have bagels in the house, but I had sourdough bread. I made toast with butter and rushed out the door. My stomach was happy and I didn’t get dizzy when I finished running like I had been before. Thanks for the tip, Susan! After running I had eggs, linguisa, and potatoes. That’s a good recovery meal.

We had burgers for an All-American lunch and fish tacos for dinner. I’m slowly getting back into the habit of cooking more!

fish tacos

If you haven’t tried Sierra Nevada’s otra vez yet I highly recommend it.. . It tastes like not very sweet lemonade. It’s so refreshing! I tried to buy more at Safeway but they were out. I will have to stock up any chance I get.

How was your 4th?

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